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Elf Bar as an alternative to smoking - we show the benefits

11/11/2019 04:30:00 AM
Elf Bar as an alternative to smoking - we show the benefits

You don't have to harm yourself with analog cigarettes anymore, because Elf Bar has appeared as an alternative to smoking. Thanks to the most modern developments and production technology, everyone can enjoy their passion without its harmful consequences.

Sounds good, right? It's time to move with the times in your habits and enjoy the latest achievements of the 21st century, such as the Elf Bar.

What makes Elf Bar different?

Unlike traditional cigarettes, the Elf Bar does not contain cut tobacco, but a liquid, the so-called e-liquid. While tobacco contains more than 4,000 substances that are harmful to health, the liquid consists of 3, but a maximum of 4 ingredients. Two of these are needed to bind the aroma and to create the water vapor that is smoke during simple smoking. Completely harmless chemicals, they are also used in other areas, namely vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol.

You may rightly think that this is not a big trick so far, because even an electric cigarette knows this. Indeed, the operation of e-cigarettes is based on this principle, since the Elf Bar is also a type of electronic cigarette.

What makes it different? While the components of e-cigs can be taken apart, the Elf Bar is a fixed structure. You don't have to, and you can't, change the battery, you don't have to find out at your own risk the right proportions of the e-liquid so that it's neither too strong nor too weak, so you definitely won't get nicotine poisoning. You order it, and if the courier has delivered it to your home, you can already use it.

Elf Bar as an alternative to smoking

Nowadays, it's cool to not only be environmentally conscious, but to be conscious in general. With the Elf Bar, you can also pursue your passion in such a way that you do not cause permanent damage to yourself or your environment. Analogue cigarette smoke is also inhaled by others in your environment, for whom the smoke is even more harmful than for you. Children and pets in particular are at the greatest risk besides you. Since disposable e-cigarettes only contain nicotine, they satisfy your craving for nicotine, but do not contaminate your lungs and body, or others, with other cancer-causing and addictive chemicals.

When less is enough

Users who decided to switch reported the following positive changes in their lives after just a few days of use:

  • They did not need to "light up" as many times as in the case of traditional tobacco sticks
  • As a result, many of them were able to quit smoking - by gradually reducing nicotine, of course
  • The morning cough is gone
  • Their clothes, hair, and skin don't stink

Change your smoking habit too, switch to the cigarette of the future!


This is how you can save with Elf Bar

Another advantage of disposable e-cigarettes is that they are gentle on your wallet. How could this be? You can take about 12 puffs from a plain cigarette before you smoke it all the way through. A pack contains 19 cigarettes. In the case of Elf Barok, it is indicated how many slugs the liquid in it is sufficient for. A medium-sized device, sufficient for 1,500 puffs, is equivalent to approximately 6 and a half packs of cigarettes. An average cigarette costs HUF 1,700 per pack, which, multiplied by 6.5, means spending HUF 11,050. You can now order the same amount of sluk in the form of an Elf Bar for HUF 6,990.

If you have any questions about Elf Bar electronic cigarettes or the order, contact us, we will help!

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