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How will the Elf Bar electronic cigarette change your life?

11/11/2019 11:00:07 AM
How will the Elf Bar electronic cigarette change your life?

Many people are still debating the existence of the Elf Bar electronic cigarette on the market, so in this post we have collected everything that can change in your life by using it.

Those who regularly smoke for a long time face many unpleasant consequences, which can all be attributed to their addiction. Coughing in the morning, scratching your throat during the day, the smell of cigarettes emanating from your skin and clothing, and yellowed nails don't have to be part of your life anymore! The 21st century was also able to show new things in the field of cigarette production.

First, the market was reorganized by the appearance of electronic cigarettes, but recently they took one more step forward on the ground of modernity and created the Elf Bar, the disposable e-cigarette.


The majority of smokers already experience the desire for nicotine after waking up in the morning, but the majority also start the day with a cough. This can be dry, but a chronic cough is much more typical, which is a warning sign for the smoker that his lung capacity has decreased to a great extent, and this condition may worsen later. The cause of coughing is the large number of harmful substances that we regularly introduce into the body over a long period of time. By smoking a stick of analog tobacco, this means nearly four thousand (!) harmful substances. Multiply four thousand by the number of cigarettes you smoke and try to imagine how much that means one day.

The Elf Bar disposable electronic cigarette, on the other hand, contains a maximum of four active ingredients. The basic mixture consists of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG). They are responsible for the amount of water vapor and the retention of the aroma. The third ingredient is aroma. The fourth is nicotine itself. Since, apart from nicotine, the other components do not cause addiction and are not harmful to health, so essentially by using Elf Bar you can minimize the number of substances harmful to your health, and the cough can also stop.

What are the other benefits of using the Elf Bar electronic cigarette?

  • Thanks to its simple design, it fits in your pocket
  • You don't have to look for a lighter anymore
  • There is no half-burnt part that can cause inflammation
  • You don't make your family members passive smokers
  • You just buy it and you can put it into operation right away
  • Cost-efficient
  • It has helped many people to quit

If you use Elf Bar, even a sniffer dog won't tell you that you smoke

Non-smokers often make unpleasant comments about smokers, because after they put down their cigarette, they still smell of cigarette smoke for a long time. This remains later, because it is absorbed into everything from hair to skin to clothing, it just dulls. Since the Elf Bar does not work with combustion, it does not produce real smoke. The above-mentioned propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin are used to imitate this, which together create water vapor, which makes the user feel as if he is puffing on a traditional cigarette and blowing out its smoke.

Water vapor is odorless by default, but Elf Bars are available aromatized, so you will smell the selected aroma during and after smoking. Yes, you will also be able to feel the water vapor on the clothes, but it is much fainter than the smoke of the analog cigarette, and the makers of Elf Bar present a very delicate and pleasant flavor. There is mostly a wide selection of fruit flavors, but you can also try cola. Those who miss the taste of tobacco can choose the "tobacco" aroma.

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