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Awareness in smoking: ELF BAR disposable electronic cigarette

Vape Squad
18/12/2021 12:00:00 AM
Awareness in smoking: ELF BAR disposable electronic cigarette

Today, the disposable electronic cigarette is a product made according to the latest technology, which is available to smokers in order to introduce as few harmful substances into their body as possible.

Although the number of regular smokers has decreased somewhat in recent years, it is still significant. Therefore, it is extremely important for smokers to be aware of alternative options, which do not have to give up their passion, but which do not harm the environment or themselves.

Just another craze?

In addition to traditional cigarettes, Elf Bar electronic cigarettes have been on the market for a few years now. These products have become increasingly popular because they do not burn like analog cigarettes, but are activated by heating. Since there is no combustion, no combustion products are produced. This is important because when "lighting" a cigarette, nearly four thousand harmful substances are released into the air, and when the smoke is inhaled, it enters the lungs of both the smoker and the passive smoker.

However, these cigarettes work with a so-called liquid liquid, which has two basic components: propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. The liquid can be made from only one or the other, but it is best if it is a mixture of the two. They add nicotine (except for nicotine-free) and typically some special aroma, which makes the taste and smell of the resulting "smoke" more enjoyable. Since there is no combustion, no real smoke is produced, the two main components are turned into vapor due to the heating, which actually replaces the smoke of a traditional cigarette.

Színre lép az eldobható elektromos cigaretta

Vannak olyan elektromos cigik, amelyek lényegében alkatrészeire bonthatók, és egy kifogyás vagy tönkremenetel esetén cserélhetők. Ahhoz azonban, hogy megfelelő minőségű alkatrészeket szerezz be, alapos utánajárás szükséges. A folyadék tekintetében különösen fontos az ellenőrizhető forrás, hiszen ha abban van olyan adalékanyag, ami nincs feltüntetve, akkor káros is lehet az alternatív cigi használata.

A mai kor életmódjához és az igényekhez igazodva azonban megjelent az Elf Bar eldobható elektromos cigaretta, ami a vásárlást követően azonnal üzembe helyezhető. Nincs szükség semmilyen előkészületre, nem kell (és nem is lehet) az alkatrészeit cserélni. Fel van tüntetve, hogy melyik hány slukk szívásra elegendő, ami ha elfogy, villogással jelzi a készülék. 

How many slukku packs do you need?

A traditional cigarette lasts approximately 10-12 puffs. Among the ElfBarVape products, the minimum is 800 puffs, while the most are 3,500 puffs of pleasure. There is also a transition between the two, you can choose 1,500 or 2,500 slukku packages. If there is an aroma that you like, you can buy the larger package, but if you want to experiment with flavors and strength, you should choose from the smaller ones. Whichever one you choose, you can carry several packs of cigarettes with you in stylish, designer packaging, which is also cost-effective.

Compressed mountain air

Of course, the palette also includes the elf bar nicotine-free electronic cigarette. It currently has a suction capacity of 800. It is an ideal choice for those who want to quit smoking, but find it difficult to give up the hand gestures and nervousness associated with smoking. Or for those who recently got used to it, but on the occasion of a gathering of friends, they get weak and would light up. With this product, relapse can be avoided, as the liquid does not contain nicotine at all, which would lead to addiction again.

If you have any questions about Elf Bar disposable electronic cigarettes, we are happy to help you!

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