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Caution! In addition to Elf Bar products, there are many fakes

11/11/2019 10:58:17 AM
Caution! In addition to Elf Bar products, there are many fakes

The Elf Bar has been very popular since its appearance, but swindlers have also caught on to it, so there are many fakes on the market. The imitation is not fortunate in several respects: on the one hand, the liquid liquid may contain harmful substances that are not included in the list of original ingredients, and on the other hand, the safe operation of the device can also be questioned.

In this post, we have collected some aspects so that if you want to change your smoking habits, you can do so without becoming a victim of fraudsters.

Only buy from an official distributor!

Today, all businesses that value their customers are available online. But not only the company and the products, but also the evaluations can be viewed publicly. Read other people's previous experiences about the product, the delivery or the company's contact information. It is important that the distributor is available, not only when it comes to payment, but also if you have other questions. Read our previous blog post in which we present the real Elf Bar.

Many fakes look little different from the original Elf Bar

Don't make the mistake, like most people, of trying to draw a conclusion about the authenticity of a disposable cigarette just from the price of the product. The price may depend on a promotion, currency exchange difference, etc. But if you disregard the minimal difference in the consideration, there are other telltale signs that you can use to determine immediately whether you are dealing with tinsel goods.

The imitation box is smaller than the original and is not laminated. It is indicated on the front and back that it is not recommended for people under 18 years of age. (The number 18 is in a red crossed-out circle). The information of the importing company is indicated on one side of the packaging, if the e-cigarette is genuine. The most revealing, however, is the seal, which shines brightly in one strip, while the bovlin only has a matte seal, although the color printing is very lifelike, it does not cover all the details.

If even after this you are still not convinced of the authenticity of the electronic cigarette, the QR code on the box will tell you immediately.

The consequences

While using the original product, which complies with all valid Hungarian standards and has been well tested by ISO, you should not expect any negative consequences, while the replica may contain many untested ingredients. The indicated amount of nicotine may differ, but it is a much greater danger that other substances may enter the liquid, which may even have a fatal outcome.

Compared to this, the financial damage is dwarfed, but it is still quite annoying if the e-cigarette advertised for 1,500 slurps runs out after 300 slurps. A leaking liquid tank and a faulty battery can be additional sources of danger.

Choose from the Elf Barok with different flavors, none of which will disappoint you!


How to buy Elf Bar to smoke safely?

Make sure that the company you are about to order from is really an official distributor. Search for opinions and experiences, either in relation to the order, or specifically for reports after using the device. Using real disposable cigarettes is safe, simple and accident-free. There should be no physical symptoms after smoking it. This can only happen if the nicotine dose in the liquid is higher than what you are used to, but in this case the complaints should stop immediately after changing to a smaller one.

Can we help? If you have any questions about Elf Bar disposable cigarettes, contact us, we will be happy to help you!

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