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ELFBAR PI 9000 Disposable Pod Device 500mAh Rechargeable

Welcome the ELFBAR PI9000 Disposable Pod Device . And theELFBAR PI9000 Disposable Pod Device comes with a Micro-USB charging port transfers better using experience. Delicate, cute, an easy carry disposable pod you ever have.
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  • Elf Bar PI9000

The Elf Bar Pi 9000 is the latest version of high puff count disposable pod to exclusive land in the Malaysian vape market. It features a higher battery capacity that is type C rechargeable as well as the well-loved range of fruity flavours you know and love from ELF BAR. It is perfect for beginners as it is so easy to use with zero learning curve.

If you have not tried any ELF Bar product, we recommend that you pickup one of the other lower puff count versions – the elf bar 3000 or 6000 first. The Elf Bar Pi 9,000 has a much higher puff count so therefore you should get to know the flavours first by purchasing the lower puff count version.

  • Specification

Puff Count:

9,000 puffs

Nicotine Strength:



Yes, using TYPE C cable


Inhale activation

LED Battery & Liquid Indicator


  • Flavours

Aloe Grape

Flavourful and perfectly fun grape flavour with a slippery aloe vera in the background to add more juiciness and freshness in the background. Aloe vera and Grape make a super combination of flavours.

Strawberry Ice Cream

A slightly tart and sweet strawberry combination with and a distinct and super smooth creamy ice cream taste on exhale.

Sirap Rose

Get the delicate and flower quality of rosewater with a sweetish syrupy background. Makes you feel like vaping roses. A totally unique experience if you have not tried it before.

Blackcurrant Juice

juicy ripe zingy blackcurrants – a taste that is easy to like, simple to vape and delightful to the senses.

Strawberry Mango

An aromatic combination of ripe mangoes and strawberries to tantalise your tastebuds, this is a top seller from Elf Bar since day one.

Triple Mango

Not single, not double but a triple shot of mango. Giving you a sweetish and aromatic top note of mango, a solid middle body of yellow mango and a deep richness of a secret mango.

Lychee Ice

The amazing thirst quenching characteristic of lychee will bring a smile to your face. Crystal clear sweet and tropical tasting lychee will have you relaxed and satisfied in just a couple of deep puffs.

Juicy Peach

Brilliant sweet georgia peaches for a fruity delight with a cooling finish.

Strawberry Juicy Peach

Savour the awesome strawberry taste from elf bar carefully intermingled with the taste of juicy peaches. Crisp yellow peaches are an obvious and present flavour in this carefully blended mix that will saturate your tongue with its delicious flavour.

Peach Mango Watermelon

Crispy peaches, aromatic mangoes and luscious watermelon make for a trifecta of fruity flavours that reminds you of a fruity punch. Tropical in taste with more forward notes of peach and mango, this lovely vape will have you salivating each time you need to take a break. If you are looking for something fruity that has complex and exquisite taste, this could be it.

Coconut Water

The taste of coconut water sold on the side of the street in Bangkok. Wow, uncanny resemblance.

ELF Dream

A strawberry based flavour with big spoonfuls of sweet cream added to the mix, with a light cooling exhale.

LongJing Tea Ice

A delicately brewed matcha tea flavour with a refreshingly crisp exhale. Perfect for summer months and great if you are a green tea afficionado.

ELF Bull

Delivering the taurine tang of a classic energy drink taste served over a bed of cooling crushed ice.

Lime Cactus 

A delicious lime infused lemonade with juicy cactus for a surprisingly fresh feel.

Cola Ice

Fizzy bubbly cola. You can expect a realistic and authentic cola taste with this magnificent flavour, accented with a chilly menthol blast.

Bamboo Aloe Ice

A refreshing vape quite something like the cool mint flavour. It has a luscious mouthfeel and light flavour primarily consisting of aloe vera juice. Not sweet or fruity but just refreshing.

Mango Yacult

Distinctive combination of refreshing and tropical tasting mango and probiotic yogurt, offering a sweet yet sour indulgence.

Peach Ice Cream

Sweet and creamy taste that combines the taste of juicy peaches with the smoothness of ice cream.

Strawberry Yacult

Sweet yet sour, bright red strawberries complements the tangy flavor of Yacult yogurt really well.

Jasmine Tea

A delicate and aromatic flavour that captures the floral and slightly sweet taste of jasmine blossoms infused with light and refreshing green tea.

Tea Guan Yin

A fine taste that perfectly replicates the distinctive and alluring flavour of a premium Chinese oolong tea famous for its floral aroma and smooth, lasting flavour.

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Peach Ice, Cream Tobacco, Cola Ice, Lime Cactus, Elfdream, Yakult Ice, Lychee Ice, Sirap Rose


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