POCO BL10000

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POCO BL10000 Mesh Coil Disposable contains 20ml of 5% nicotine liquid with a mesh coil and adjustable airflow for incredible flavor. POCO BL is rechargeable.

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  • The POCO BL 10000 PUFFS can provide 10000 puffs. 650 mAh rechargeable battery and a salt nicotine concentration of 0% 2% 3% 5%, making it perfect for experienced smokers.
  • POCO BL 10000 PUFFS, reaching 10,000 puffs, which is one of the largest electronic cigarettes in the world.
  • POCO BL 10000 PUFFS is powerful, very suitable for novices and heavy smokers.
  • Of course, POCO BL 10000 PUFFS is not just a typhoon, you need to feel the explosive force of this product immediately after trying it.
  • POCO BL 10000 PUFFS equipment has a mesh coil, pre-filled high-quality electronic liquid  that can be used for 10000 times.
Products Description

The largest disposable item available is the POCO BL 10000. The powerful POCO BL 10000 rechargeable disposable Vape offers 10000 puffs. Actually, it’s not a typhoon. The bad guy character is taking over the electronic cigarette business. Right away, give it a try!
With the POCO BL 10000 Vape Box, the Nic Salt disposable vape pen may be introduced to POCO’s product line.
This revolutionary device has a mesh coil, pre-filled quality electronic liquids, and a pump that can be used 10,000 times.
Its rechargeable battery and C-type charging port enable speedy charging wherever you go.
For the ultimate level of customization, it also offers adjustable airflow that enables you to choose between tighter or smoother stretching.
The POCO BL 10000 Vape Box boasts a variety of great and noteworthy features.
With a powerful 650 milliampere hour battery and 5% salt nicotine concentration, it is ideal for seasoned smokers.

The mesh coil design of the POCO BL 10000 disposable Nic Salt electronic cigarette pen, in general, blends the painstakingly designed electronic liquid mixture to give it a nice flavor, making it a favorite of even the pickiest Electronic cigarette connoisseurs.
It provides an exceptional electronic cigarette experience at an amazing price, along with the comfort of an adjustable airflow system and rechargeable batteries.
Therefore, why not provide your customers a unique electronic cigarette experience? Let’s get started immediately!

Products Specification

Puffs: 10000 puffs

Liquid: 20 ml Liquid
Nicotine: 0% 2% 3% 5%


rechargeable battery with 650 mAh
Mesh Coil with Type-C Port Adjustable Airflow
Display box with 10 pieces.


Weight 0,15 kg

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